Bachelorette Camping Trip at Petit Jean State Park

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When I think Bachelorette Party, I automatically think glitter, penis-shaped straws, bar hopping, and crippling hangovers. Lucky for me, my girls know all I want in the world is a couple of hammocks, a weekend in the woods, and some s'mores. 

We loaded up and headed out for a weekend at Petit Jean State Park, AR.  If I'm being completely honest, this was the first weekend I've had completely off for as long as I can remember. No weddings, no meetings, no emails. It was recharging, refreshing, and just what I needed before arriving at my own wedding day as well as our quickly approaching fall wedding season. 

Sometimes asking strangers on hiking trails to take a photo for you on a film camera doesn't always turn out perfect or in-focus, but it doesn't make it any less lovable. 

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Lemme tell ya about these two. 

I've known them my entire life. We've grown up together, made music together, had our fair share of arguments and growing pains...we've explored and hiked, cried, laughed until we couldn't breathe and somehow made it through our angsty, rebellious years (of course, not without the help of Pinkerton and our many mix CD's we made over the years for each other.) 

I can't thank you guys enough for not only this trip, but also for our friendship over the years. We've found a sisterhood that has shaped me into the person I am. I cherish these photos so much because I will always be able to look through these and feel like I'm right back at our lil' campsite listening to music, eatin' chili dogs, and chasing sunsets with you guys. 

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Shot on the Contax G2, Ektar 100 &  lomo'instax wide

Cassie Cook