Playdate with Olivia and Scarlett | Wildflowers and Water hoses | Memphis, TN


Oh, these girls.
Every ounce of time spent with them is an adventure, a little look into the way they see the world.
A world of dragonfly chasing, wildflower picking, "Red Light, Green Light", sisterly love, and playing in the water hose; something I remember doing many hot, summer afternoons with my own sisters. 

I love photographing these incredibly sweet, wild spirits and the way they fearlessly show their emotions and their true selves, even with a camera pointed at them. They add movement and life to photos in a way that I can't get enough of. These two silly girls were my inspiration last year when I felt a creative itch. They showed me what my photos were lacking: Authenticity. Life. And they helped push me into documentary style that focused on emotion and truly capturing kids being kids in my photographs. Nothing compares to watching these two grow and getting to document it.
Happy 4th Birthday, Scarlett and Olivia! 


"This third year of parenting has been the most difficult one yet. When you're parenting kids like mine, you find yourself constantly wondering why everything is so hard.
Part of it is the developmental stage they are in, but in my case and many other people's, we are raising strong-willed children. They present challenges other kids don't.
They stand their ground. They are unwavering in their desires, whatever they may be.
They are utterly exhausting, but they are also innovative. They are vivacious.
There is never a dull moment. While I am running in circles now, I genuinely hope some of these traits stay with them as they grow.
I hope they are never afraid to go after what they want or take a risk or say what's on their mind. I hope they always have the conviction to stand up for what is right.
I hope I give them the direction to use these traits, that come so naturally, to make their lives spectacular. I'm so excited for year 4. We've got many changes ahead, and I can't wait to see them adapt and grow.
I hope this year is easier, but even if it's not, I know I have the bravest, funniest, most beautiful girls in the world. I wouldn't have them any other way." -Ashley Wiles


You are creating memories, childhood stories. Let me help you tell them.


Play Dates with Cassie are about real moments, and documenting the everyday interactions that transpire between you and the people you love. It reminds us to let them be little. It embraces their imagination and their curiosity, and gives your children the opportunity to open up during their photoshoot with me because they are in their own environment, doing what comes most naturally to them. It relieves the pressure and stress of forced poses and has proven to make family pictures a more enjoyable experience for everyone! These sessions not only leave you with beautiful, natural pictures of you and your family, but it leaves you with a fun memory that you can actually look back on and say, "We had so much fun that day!" It gives me the chance to give you the gift of moments, laughter, and all the tiny little things that make your child who they are, because that is what you will miss the most as they grow up.
 Who says you can't make the little things timeless?