An Intimate and Emotion-filled Home Birth | Baby Cambell

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Honestly, as I sit here trying to type, it feels almost impossible. I had no idea writing this would be so hard to form into words. 

One of Michael and I's sweet, sweet friend's Tessa told us that she was having another baby. 
"And I wanted to know if you would photograph the birth."

I was shocked, honored, nervous, and a thousand other things all at once.
I knew right then that it would be one of the most meaningful, powerful days I would have the chance to document, but looking back now, I had no idea the weight of the moments I was capturing until they were happening in front of me.

I had been on edge for days; not-so-patiently waiting on this little one to decide they were ready to make their entrance into the world. 
I got the call at 7am and hopped right in the car, skipping the Starbucks stop because I was terrified to miss a single moment, and headed to Kevin & Tessa's; where they were already three hours into labor. 
We all waged our bets on this little human; I was sure it would be a boy, and so did mostly everyone else there since Tessa already had two beautiful perfect little girls; Leila and Lana. 

This was the first birth I had ever been a part of, and I wasn't prepared for how truly incredible it would be. I was blown away by Tessa and her body's strength and endurance over the next 10 hours that she worked to bring this child earthside. 
I have never witnessed anything more beautiful. 

With a head full of hair, and without a single cry or whimper, this little one made her way into the world. That's right; her. 

"When I woke up at 4am having to move through a surge, I knew that I would be seeing my baby soon... I labored for 13 hours in the comfort of my own the light shining through my den...with everyone i love by my side. The surges weren't anything my body couldn't handle for one minute. I felt animalistic, raw, and empowered. It wasn't close to what I imagined but everything I dreamed of. Feeling the release and then holding my baby girl was the most gratifying moments Ive ever felt.
We are so glad you are ours, Lettie Grey."